Where are the Houston Post archives?

Chronicle reader representative and blogger James Campbell answers a question that he probably gets from quite a few readers (including us) today: Why aren’t the Houston Post archives available online?

The decision not to place the Post archives online largely is due to difficulty complying with the requirements of the Tasini vs. The New York Times decision, explained online editor Mike Read.

Initially, Read said, the Post archives were taken down with the thought that the disallowed content could be identified and blocked, much like what is being done with the Chronicle archives.

Confusion resulted “when we placed notices in a couple of places on the archives pages to let customers know about this temporary removal of the Post content from the online archives,” Read said. “When it was determined that identifying and blocking disallowed content was not going to be possible with the resources available for the task, we updated the notice in the “About Archives” resource box on the page to indicate this.

It looks as if those of you interested in old Bob Claypool music reviews or other good stuff from the defunct newspaper are going to have to hit local libraries:

The Houston Public Library’s Bibliographic Information Center has the Houston Post microfilm from 1880-1995, and the Houston Post Index from 1976-1994. They keep the 1880-1900 microfilm in the Texas and Local History Department, and the 1901-1995 microfilm is in the main library. University of Houston’s main library has the Houston Post microfilm from 1880-1995. They have the Houston Post Index from 1976-1979, and from 1987-1994.

As a complete aside — do today’s students even know how to use microfilm/fiche machines?

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