Flu vaccine hysteria

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Here’s the news today:

Two months after the government recommended that scarce flu shots be reserved for people most at risk, health officials are now worried that tens of thousands of doses could go to waste, and they are considering easing the restrictions.

It turns out that the furor over the vaccine shortage and the government’s response have had an unintended effect: More than half of all elderly or chronically ill adults have not even tried to get flu shots because they figured they would not be able to get one, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today.

How was that furor generated, anyway?

After three years of GAO warnings, HHS only this summer issued a draft plan for a national response to an influenza pandemic, such as the world saw three of [sic] in the 20th century. The GAO last month criticized the draft as too unspecific.


The Bush administration has blamed the current vaccine shortage on virtually everyone but itself.

Aha. It’s all coming into focus.

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