Iraq: An editorial page survey

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Although we’ve urged the Chronicle to focus its editorial pages — and focus them on local issues – we were nonetheless surprised this morning not to find a mention of Iraq’s elections on the editorial pages.

Elsewhere in the state, the two major newspapers that tend to maintain a worldly focus did editorialize on those elections (see the Austin American-Statesman and the Dallas Morning News).

True to form, two major state newspapers that tend to maintain a more parochial focus (the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the San Antonio Express-News) chose not to editorialize on those elections today.

Here in town, the Chronicle, whose editorials range from the politics of Swaziland to the efforts of one editorial member to give away her leftovers, chose to editorialize on the Heflin/Vo race and on a recent State Department alert regarding the Mexican border. It’s disappointing that a newspaper that has covered Iraq with such interest — often quite critically — decided that Iraq’s elections were not the news of the weekend, and worthy of Monday commentary.

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