Ken Hoffman gets to the point

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In his column today, Ken Hoffman tackles a pressing $AFEclear issue:

If keeping the freeways clear of stopped vehicles is such a priority, the city needs to prevent cars from parking on the freeway shoulders during fireworks celebrations.

I hope that the Safe Clear program would address this potentially very dangerous issue. It would make no sense to pass laws clearing the freeways while whole families are allowed to line up on the shoulder of the freeways on what is often the highest drunk-driving day of the year.

I like celebrations as much as the next guy, but freeways are for driving, not parking.

Vernon Guy, Houston

Just put some traffic cops holding ticket books on the freeway. That will keep the cars moving.

And helps a reader rate Houston’s mayor:

I have lived in Houston since 1978 and have seen quite a few mayors come and go. As far as I’m concerned, our current mayor works 24/7 on the city’s business. I admire and respect him, and though I don’t always agree with everything he promotes, at least he is doing something. For that, the citizens of Houston will be better off down the road. I might add, I did not vote for him when he ran for mayor.

Tim S. Dupy, Houston

Then again, it’s not like he had big shoes to fill.

The editors continue to under-utilize Hoffman. He’s much better than any of the dinosaurs writing columns for that paper, and we can guess he would make a terrific blogger.

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