Is Wayne Dolcefino out at KTRK?

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Laurence Simon calls attention to a hot rumor on the message boards at TV Spy:

Do not ever question the journalistic integrity of KTRK’s Undercover Reporter Wayne Dolcefino. For the past three months he and his team have been looking into the records of HLSR (Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo) Kind of a big to-do in Houston…YYYYEEEE-HHHAAAWWWW. A non-profit…yeah right! organization. That in itself is a joke. After alot of hemn’ and hahn’ in-place with some strategic lawyerin’ by HLSR, KTRK, Houston’s News Wimps, have killed the story. In protest, Wayne Dolcefino pack his bags and walked. Nice goin’ Henry…to afraid to go after the BIG STORY? No wonder you guys tanked in the last book.

We’ve been hearing a few rumors about Dolcefino and the rodeo, and it looks like they’re now out in the public sphere, or at least the blogosphere. It is worth stressing that it’s all rumor at this point, however.

Laurence, who always seems to know what’s what in Houston television news, has further thoughts about KTRK-13 in light of the rumor and recent ratings.

UPDATE: The Lone Star Times says Dolcefino told them he has not quit, nor has he been fired. No word on when his story might air, if ever.

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