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KTRH-740 news just ran a blurb that included comments from Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (D) that suggested that she supported the Terri Schiavo legislation passed by the House early this morning.

That’s all well and good, but Sheila Jackson-Lee did not vote one way or the other on the legislation.

However, Democrat Al Green of Houston did vote in favor of the legislation that was blasted through the House by the Republican leadership. If KTRH wanted to talk to a local Democrat who crossed party lines to support this legislation, perhaps the reporter should have talked to one who actually voted for it.

Then again, Representative Green’s press secretary told me they didn’t have a statement as to why he voted for the legislation before she hung up on me, so perhaps the same thing happened to the KTRH reporter.

Other local Congressmen who voted in favor of the legislation include Tom DeLay (R), John Culberson (R), and Ted Poe (R). The recorded vote is located here.

UPDATE (03-22-2005): The Chronicle gets around to covering how the Texas delegation voted in today’s edition. Sheila Jackson-Lee says she would have supported the measure, and then complains about the scheduling of the vote. Never mind that a woman’s feeding tube was removed, and any delay of the vote would have just moved the woman closer to death — we wouldn’t want to inconvenience Sheila Jackson-Lee. The Chron reporter did find out that Al Green was doing his laundry when summoned back to Washington, and even manages to get a quote from him.

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