Chron publishes Chris Bell outlook column

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Chris Bell (D) has an article that appears in the Chronicle‘s Outlook section today.

Chris Bell

The potential gubernatorial candidate is revisiting some old themes of his: “nonpartisan” technocratic redistricting commissions (earlier thoughts of mine on that topic can be found here) and (mostly) his own Tom DeLay sour grapes (Bell neglects to mention he drew just over 30% against a fellow Democrat in his primary for his redrawn district).

Readers can make whatever they’d like out of Bell’s column, although the allusion to the old Soviet Politburo seems typically overwrought. Of more interest to me is the fact that the Chronicle editorial page decided to give the potential political candidate Outlook column space in the first place. It is worth noting that recently, the editors declined to treat an article from Rep. Culberson (R) as an Outlook column, instead running it as a letter that the letters editor (or someone) chopped.

To us mere amateur media-watching bloggers, that sort of treatment makes the editorial board look like it’s pushing an agenda, and not very subtly. However, if anyone with more experience than us in the banking industry would like to raise other journalistic possibilities, feel free to comment.

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