KTRK: #1 with viewers who prefer silence?

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Arbitron has a new device to measure radio and television audiences, called the Portable People Meter, and Arbitron is set to demonstrate the PPM in Houston, but so far KTRK-13 hasn’t agreed to participate:

KTRK-TV, ABC TV’s owned-and-operated station in Houston has yet to agree to participate in Arbitron’s upcoming demonstration of the portable people meter.

So far, 15 of the 16 TV stations in the market are actively encoding their signals, which the PPM needs in order to track TV viewing and radio listening. Arbitron has some time to convince ABC, since the first TV ratings are scheduled for the July survey period.

ABC is concerned that since the PPM works by detecting an audio code, it won’t detect viewing when the TV set is on mute. The PPM could also pick up viewing when someone is out of the room. “We’re continuing to work with Arbitron to address those concerns,” said Pat Liguori, vp of research for the ABC owned stations.

Does KTRK know that its viewers don’t like to listen to KTRK’s shows?

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