He didn't ask, "boxers or briefs?"

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We’ve long been pushing for streamed audio/video of Chronicle interviews with newsmakers.

Reading excerpts of Matt Stiles interviewing Republican National Committee head Ken Mehlman and Democratic National Committee head Howard Dean is almost enough to make us rethink that idea.

Indeed, one senses Dean couldn’t believe some of the questions he got:

Q: How many times have you appeared with Ken Mehlman? Is that rare?

A: I actually don’t appear with Ken Mehlman.

Q: At the same event?

A: Well, that’s not unusual. That’s sort of part of the deal.

That’s an embarrassing exchange.

Why in the world didn’t the Chronicle find someone who could conduct an intelligent interview of two senior, important national political operatives?

ANNE LINEHAN ADDS: blogHOUSTON has never run a contest, but maybe it’s time since the Chronicle‘s Q and A appears to be a regular feature.

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