AP: opening the Dome is Mayor White's "Giuliani moment"

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This AP story describes Mayor White’s response to the Katrina disaster as his “Giuliani moment”:

As the tragedy unfolded in New Orleans, Houston’s mayor threw open the Astrodome and the convention center to tens of thousands of Katrina’s refugees. Then he did something more remarkable: He essentially told convention groups whose plans were spoiled by the move, “Tough luck.”

The decision could ultimately cost Houston a bundle in lost business and burden its social service agencies for many years to come. But so far, this city of swashbuckling capitalism – of self-made oilmen, engineering magnates and real estate tycoons – is backing Bill White in his act of municipal compassion toward the mostly poor, mostly black victims of the storm.

For White, an enormously popular first-term Democrat up for re-election in November, this could very well be his “Giuliani moment” – the moment he, like New York’s mayor in the aftermath of Sept. 11, distinguished himself in a crisis.

I would suggest Judge Roberts Eckels is deserving of praise, too, as is Governor Perry.

I’d also like to point out that on the Monday after the hurricane, Chris Baker (KTRH-740) was suggesting that the Dome be opened up for relief efforts.

And of course, Banjo wrote up the idea on the Wednesday after Katrina.

For a bit of added context…

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