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Lucas Wall

As many of you know, we have a special fondness for former Chron traffic reporter Lucas Wall, who went on to fame and fortune at the Boston Globe. Unfortunately, it appears as though Lucas’ time is already up at the Globe. Was it because of the New York Timeswidely publicized layoffs? Was it because the Globe higher-ups didn’t fully appreciate Lucas like we did? Or was it because Lucas was really homesick for Houston?

Maybe he’ll come back to Houston. I mean, we’ve got world-class written all over us with our New Metro Solutions!

Coincidentally, Jerome Solomon moved from the Chronicle‘s sports pages to the Globe‘s sports pages this year. So far, Solomon still appears to be employed by the Globe.

UPDATE: An emailer sent us a link to the Boston Herald‘s Inside Track:

Things are getting mighty ugly over at the Boring Broadsheet, which must cut 135 jobs – 35 in the newsroom – to meet a mandate from the New York Times mother ship to close a budget gap.

Word is, not enough newspeople are queuing up to take the buyout, meaning that there likely will be layoffs. And the ax already has fallen on at least one reporter who was hired away from a pretty decent gig then told to hit the bricks come December. Merry freakin’ Christmas!

Suffice it to say, the lad did not take it all that well and he sent a whiny e-mail out to some pals, who forwarded it to some pals, who forwarded it to some more pals – who added snarky little remarks – and, as these things have a way of doing, it landed in the Track’s inbox!

“The news is, of course, absolutely devastating,” the soon-to-be-unemployed writer writes. “This is without a doubt the worst day of my life. I feel like everything I have worked for, all of my hopes and dreams, have been instantly and unexpectedly crushed. It’s like someone just walked up and shot me in the back. I wonder if I can ever recover from this. . . . Tonight I sit here in magnificent despair, trying to make sense of what’s struck me.”

Don’t miss the rest of the tale. And in the very off-chance it’s not clear, that “whiny e-mail” was written by an obviously despondent Lucas Wall.

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