Redesigned goes live

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The redesigned site appears to be live now.

I haven’t given all the new features a try just yet, but so far I like the feel of the site.

Esthetically, I like the layout of the page (okay, maybe not the orange so much). They’ve crammed a lot of information on each page, but it doesn’t feel overloaded or cluttered to me.

The interface itself is very intuitive for me. I’m able to get around the site easily, and the folks seem to have been very good about anticipating where users may need a little help to find features that may have moved or may be a little different now. In comparison, I still have trouble finding items on KTRK-13’s redesigned site, several weeks after they launched.

There is one feature that I’d like to see added and that I suggested to Dean Betz, and that is a Technorati box that displays links to bloggers who have been commenting on the stories. has this feature enabled for many of their stories, and I think that’s very forward looking.

So what do you think of the new

ANNE ADDS: I agree with Kevin — except for the orange, I like it. When I clicked on “Houston & Texas,” I was given a good look at what today’s Chron news is, in a very nice layout. This will be fun to explore!

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