MediaSource director to resign

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The Chronicle‘s Matt Stiles reports that the director of MediaSource, the custodian for Houston’s public access cable television channel, has decided to resign:

Patti Garlinghouse, who supporters say has transformed Houston MediaSource since she took the job in 1997, plans to step down Dec. 21 — about a month before the nonprofit channel’s board planned a vote on whether to retain her.

The decision, announced in a single-sentence letter to the board Wednesday night, coincided with the City Council’s approval of several new board members, a near-complete shakeup by Houston Mayor Bill White since a programming controversy erupted this summer.

That Garlinghouse might quit or be fired was no surprise — she cleared personal items from her office weeks ago — but the timing was sooner than some expected. She couldn’t be reached for comment.

The new board members almost certainly were going to remove Garlinghouse if she hadn’t resigned.

It now seems likely MediaSource will see its contract renewed, given the turnover on the board and the depatures of Garlinghouse and former board chair Garth Jowett, both of whom seemed to bristle at input from the city’s elected officials on how they were doing their jobs.

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