Campaign finance and double standards (the series)

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Houblog comments on SEIU’s ongoing efforts to organize municipal employees.

And the Chronicle Editorial LiveJournalists finally address SEIU’s possibly illegal efforts to elect Sue Lovell to City Council:

The unions have also engaged in political hardball. SEIU mounted a controversial $120,000 media effort that contributed to the election of at-large Councilwoman Sue Lovell in a December runoff against Jay Aiyer. Although both unions endorsed Lovell, SEIU showed it was willing to heavily outspend AFSCME to make its point.


That’s all the Chronicle editorial board (which has complained ad nauseam about the interplay of interest-group money and politics when it involves Republicans) has to say about SEIU’s possibly illegal support of Democrat Sue Lovell in a local election — and months after the possibly illegal and certainly troubling effort took place?

That’s weak.

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