Don't take the kids to Memorial Park

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This is not good:

Riding through Memorial Park’s Picnic Lane loop is popular among bicyclists. But it is also a hotspot for illicit rendezvous.

Houston Police Officer Kenny Cech took 11 News into the woods next to the bike loop and next to an abandoned restroom.

He showed where he arrested two men having sex just last Sunday–All happening in broad daylight.

Cech said he doesn’t know why this is happening at Memorial Park. “Parks in general attract people of this type,” he said.

According to HPD, for every arrest made they are more incidents they can’t catch. And often times it’s the park patrons who are the witnesses.

The latest arrests came after a father and his 8-year-old son caught the men in the act.

The result is that police patrols have been increased, which is unfortunate in light of HPD’s manpower shortage. Let’s hope that MayorWhiteChiefHurtt will have HPD’s staffing issues under control by the time downtown’s showcase park opens up.

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