"Some" find the D.C. bureau an endless source of amusement

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The Chronicle‘s Julie Mason provides this bit of amusement in her White House Watch column:

It’s an American political rhetorical flourish that dates back at least to Thomas Jefferson, and it’s one President Bush and his staff are using with increasing regularity.

A skeptic might call it a red herring, or perhaps an exaggeration.

“I understand there’s some in America who say, well, this can’t be true, there are still people willing to attack,” Bush said last week about the threat of terrorism.

Since polls have shown Americans at times are hyper-aware of the possibility of another attack, it’s not clear who Bush had in mind.

Nor when he said about Iraqis in June, “I mean, it wasn’t all that long ago that people were saying these people really don’t want to be free.”

Bush has made the claim several times without identifying the naysayers.

What’s so amusing about Miss Mason’s complaint?

Check out the headline for this latest dispatch from the intrepid Chronicle D.C. bureau:

Some see Bush playing association game

That’s priceless.

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