Who needs editors when you have a Pulitzer cartoonist?

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Chronicle NFL writer John McClain seems downright giddy with his speculation today:

Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak impressed the Texans so much in his interview at Denver last week that he has become the heavy favorite to replace Dom Capers.

Give me any time a candidate like Kubiak, who prepared hard for his interview because he wants to return home to coach the Texans, over Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, who has played a cat-and-mouse game with them.

Kubiak is the headline now; Ferentz should be yesterday’s news.

We will be stunned if Kubiak is not the Texans’ next head coach. They still have interviews to conduct, and Buffalo offensive coordinator Jerry Gray has impressed them, too.

Apparently, McClain was so giddy that he switched Buffalo defensive coordinator Jerry Gray over to the other side of the ball.


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