Dynamo security disregards team policy on water bottles

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Richard Connelly reports on the latest gaffe from the Houston Dynamo:

Team president Oliver Luck has worked hard to make Dynamo games a family-friendly, somewhat cheap outing. Knowing that Houston can get slightly warm at times, he publicly announced that the Dynamo would allow fans to bring in bottled water — unlike those mean old teams like the Astros and Texans.

Such a policy is great for games like the one May 20, when the Dynamo, in order to get on ESPN, played a day game. In Houston. With no dome. And a stadium full of sunshiney aluminum bleachers.

So why were security guards confiscating all the water bottles people tried to bring in? Because severely dehydrated soccer fans will pay anything once they’re trapped in their seats!

Actually, Luck says, it was all just a mistake.

“It was just an old-fashioned miscommunication on the security staff’s side,” he says. “We had our follow-up meeting after the game like we always do and told them, ‘Folks, everyone can bring in a bottle of water. It’s hot.’ “

If it’s the same crack security operation that works UH athletics events, the “miscommunication” wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last.

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