Editorial LiveJournalists blast away on "sanctuary" semantics

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Earlier in the week, the Editorial LiveJournalists had that gaffe (still uncorrected) on airport security.

On the same day, the Editorial LiveJournalists used the Harris County GOP’s promotion of a petition drive to continue a recent trend of insisting that Houston is not a sanctuary city:

The petition drive, which will be mute after Aug. 28 if the signatures have not been verified by the city secretary, rests on two fictions: that Houston is a so-called sanctuary city and that Houston police cannot ask criminals and suspects whether they are in this country legally.

HPD General Order 500-05, issued in 1992, forbids officers from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status. The Congressional Research Service has described this as a sanctuary policy. The Editorial LiveJournalists can continue to insist that the sanctuary policy is really not a sanctuary policy, and that the not-sanctuary policy really is a prudent and necessary policy, but it’s not at all clear why such supporters of the not-sanctuary policy are so scared of a real Council debate over the policy, instead preferring to treat the directive issued by the police chief in 1992 as some sort of sacred decree.

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