Food and drink roundup (08-17-2006 edition)

Image credit: Pixabay

The weekend is upon us. Maybe today’s food and drink roundup has something you’d like to try.

Alison Cook heads over to lower Westheimer to try Chez George and loves what she finds. Humble’s Rockin’ Baja Lobster doesn’t fare so well, but she does find some things to recommend at this new eatery. As an aside, if you aren’t regularly reading Alison Cook’s Chron blog, you’re missing out.

Robb Walsh tries Bombay Brasserie, one of the bH crew’s favorite places to eat Indian. Oh my, he’s condescending about chicken tikka masala, but it’s SO good there, as is the lamb saagwala. And they’re never afraid to turn up the heat. The original Kelley’s Country Cooking gets a few visits too. Since it’s just a few exits further down the freeway from the Dot Coffee Shop, I wonder if some of the bH crew will ever get around to trying it (Dot’s is hard to beat).

Mary Vuong gets adventurous on us and hits the cafeterias at local hospitals.

And Lance Scott Walker reviews “one of the biggest clubs in downtown.”

World Class, all of it. Enjoy!!

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