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Four Chronicle reporters update us on the impact of the big janitors strike today:

The Service Employees International Union says 1,700 janitors are on strike, no longer picking up the trash, cleaning the toilets and straightening up in dozens of buildings around town.

But an informal survey of tenants who work in the buildings being struck downtown, at Greenway Plaza and near Tanglewood found few signs of overflowing wastebaskets, messy bathrooms or dirty floors.

“I didn’t know they were on strike,” said Laura Lee, director of administration at Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations at the Chase Tower, which is one of the buildings the SEIU has publicly targeted for its strike.

Our bustling, booming entrepreneurial city isn’t going to shut down because a few hundred unskilled workers have gone on strike.

There must not be much local news if the Chron city desk was able to put four reporters on that tough topic!

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