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The suspense is over: Sit and Spin is the “official” name of Metro’s new blog, although bH didn’t wait for the final results to start using it.

Last week’s Sit and Spin offerings are not terribly encouraging, but some posts are leading to high humor in the comments. For example, check out this comment by Bobby J Moon (responding to Matt Bramanti) who works in Metro’s CIA department (or something like that):

Mr. Bramanti,

I am very proud of my 20-year record as METRO’s Manager of Audit-Contracts. You are “right on” about my frugality in my professional life as well. My professional staff of CPAs; CIAs; CFEs and CGFMs work very hard and diligently to advise METRO’s Procurement Department and Project Managers relating to the work that various contractors and subcontractors do for our Authority from procurement of buses to designing METRORail line extensions. We are very proud to identify in excess of $500K in cost savings for the Authority in FY06…..frugal, yes!


Manager of Audit-Contracts

METRO Transit Authority

Which completely underwhelmed Matt:

“We are very proud to identify in excess of $500K in cost savings for the Authority in FY06…..frugal, yes!”

Forgive me if I’m less than floored, but you’re talking about an organization with a budget of more than $750 million.

Your $500,000 in identified savings represents less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the FY07 budget.

That’s like patting yourself on the back for using a 10-cent-off coupon on a $100 grocery bill.

Hahahaha! Too funny!

Then there’s this post with Chief Lambert’s Top Ten Reasons Why METRO Needs Security Cameras on Park & Ride Lots (and I think it was a serious post, too) which led to this amusing rebuttal by commenter duhmoose, and this post over at Metro Is Full of Crap with Laurence Simon’s interpretation of Chief Lambert’s Top Ten.

Oh my, that’s good stuff!

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