Any day above ground in Houston IS a good one!

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The Chronicle‘s Ken Hoffman got to tag along with some British travel writers visiting Houston as part of a promotional effort by the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, and recounts the adventure here. Here’s a sampling:

Hopefully they’ll have a Texas-size terrific time and return to their newspapers and magazines and write glowing stories that will entice readers to come here on their next vacations.

I tagged along with the British travel writers for breakfast at the Alden Hotel. One of them showed me her favorite souvenir — a bright-purple cowboy hat.

I had to tell her, “Unless it’s Halloween, or you’re a member of the Village People, I don’t think many Houstonians wear a hat like that.”


Houston’s Museum of Funeral History even makes an appearance. Be honest now — did YOU know we had such a museum?

What are some of your favorite “off the beaten path” Houston places you take visitors, when you want them to get a good sense of life in the city?

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