The return of the frogs

Image credit: Pixabay

Houston, you asked for it: Frogs! a sequel exhibition opens Friday for a full summer run. This city is frog-crazy, and that’s probably a good thing given all the recent rain. Any chance of peace and quiet at my end of the pond evaporated with the ever-increasing, onslaught of a non-stop frog chorus. Big frogs, little frogs, bull frogs, and teenie-tiny lime green frogs greet me. I step, a frog leaps. Even my goofy cocker spaniel has given up his beloved rock hunting for water-drenched splash-a-frog chases. The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) discovered the amphibians’ popularity during the Frogs! A Chorus of Colors exhibition. I’m sure I’m one of many who lamented the end of the exhibit. By the time I found a free weekend, I was too late. If you’re a fellow procrastinator, you’re in luck. HMNS is bringing back the frogs–and then some. New frogs to the exhibit include Clown Treefrogs and the Strawberry Poison Dart frog. With the new exhibit running from June 1 through September 03, 2007, you’ll have all summer to get your fill of the amphibians.

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