Dolcefino and the Sports Authority – Part 3

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Part 3 of Wayne Dolcefino’s investigation of the Sports Authority gave us a glimpse of internal board members’ emails and their unflattering portrayal of Billy Burge.

The story really has to be read to be believed, but some of the “highlights” include Burge’s effort to get his niece hired to a $40,000-per-year position; Burge’s getting a personalized love song written for his wife by someone who hoped to get future Sports Authority business; the Toyota Center garage that has cost taxpayers over a million dollars; and a ridiculous lack of public meetings (what a shocker!).

All this from a quasi-governmental agency that has access to taxpayer money, with little oversight, and no accountability. It’s everything that’s wrong with government, wrapped up in one nice little package. And Billy Burge is the bow on top.

In Part 4 tonight, Dolcefino hints that tax dollars might already have been used toward a soccer stadium — another shocker!

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