City hopes to buy 15,000 foil bags, solve sewer clogging (really!)

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KHOU-11’s Lee McGuire reports on the problem of grease clogging the city’s sewer lines, and one of the more bizarre proposals to find its way to Council in a while:

So to stop the problem at the source, the City of Houston wants to buy 15,000 foil bags. They are boxes, with two foil-lined fat-trapper bags inside. These would be used in your kitchen, instead of pouring the fat down the drain. The problem is, before this happens, the City Council has to approve it.

“Buying fat trapper bags when anyone could use an old tomato can or a piece of alumninum foil is to me a silly use of taxpayer dollars,” Anne Clutterbuck from the Houston City Council said.

It would cost $63,000 to hand the bags to only 15,000 people in a city of 2.1 million.

Some question whether this would really make a difference.

Clutterbuck is right.

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