Less-than-world-class New Year's greetings

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We’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Sadly, our quirky little burg didn’t manage to resurrect the world-class New Year’s Eve Star event. Recall that Carol Alvarado was too “event-ed out” last year to plan what we were led to believe was going to be a huge annual event. And this year, she apparently was too depressed over term limits to be bothered with the event. The new leadership at the GHCVB apparently couldn’t be bothered either — because, you know, it’s more important to advertise to the world that our little city has celebrities!

We do suspect that, even without a world-class “annual” event like a New Year’s Eve Rising Star, most Houstonians will have a fine time tonight. Somehow, Houstonians always seem manage to muddle along just fine, even if our leaders occasionally have “world-class” envy.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who reads, comments, lurks, links, amuses, or otherwise contributes to the little blog community here. We’re looking forward to 2008!

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