Councilmembers beg kids not to paint things; KPRC reports graffiti "crackdown"

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KPRC-2 is reporting that the city of Houston is “cracking down” on graffiti:

The city of Houston is cracking down on graffiti during spring break, KPRC Local 2 reported Friday.

Houston police will be out in full force to make sure there is no vandalism.

There is normally an increase of graffiti during spring break, officials said.

“Please enjoy spring break,” city councilwoman Sue Lovell said. “Please use your talents in a productive way. Please don’t go about our city putting graffiti on buildings without permission that will cost us millions of dollars.”

Councilman James Rodriguez warned students that painting graffiti is a crime.

“Read a book. Get a sketchpad if you feel the need to draw,” he said. “Definitely do not go out and vandalize public property. It’s a serious offense and we’re going to be out there in full force this week enforcing our laws.”

A “crackdown” is two councilmembers begging kids not to paint things?

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