Chron: White administration abandons density ordinance

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The administration of Mayor White, who has made a mockery of due process in the Ashby high-rise matter (while still delivering for the well-heeled on their issue and blocking permits previously issued), has apparently decided to punt on a new ordinance to deal with the issue of dense developments in residential neighborhoods, and stick with an outdated driveway ordinance never designed to deal with the issue:

Last week, however, the official who has been the public face of White’s administration during the controversy recommended that the city stop its work on a high-density development ordinance.

Instead, the city should continue to rely on a 60-year-old law governing where driveways connect to public streets, with additional guidelines on how the city will apply the measure to ensure that projects do not cause severe traffic congestion, said Andy Icken, a deputy public works director.

This is leadership?

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