Dolcefino shines light on arts spending, draws fire from arts community

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Over the past week, KTRK-13’s Wayne Dolcefino spent some time looking at publicly funded art in Houston.

In this report, Dolcefino criticizes the expense of various projects and the lack of completed projects, and talks to an unimpressed city controller Annise Parker.

In this report, Dolcefino looks at some public art in a city sewer plant, proposed art in the form of yet another new sign at the airport, and even more projects that have yet to be completed.

And in this report, Dolcefino decries the lack of visible results after nearly $2 million annual “arts tourism” expenditures in the Museum District.

Needless to say, Dolcefino’s stories haven’t gone over very well in the Houston arts community. The La Dame San Regrets, Houston Arts Alliance, and Pithy blogs all responded to the reports.

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