Channel 2 fixes another red light camera ticket error

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When last we checked in with KPRC-2’s Ask Amy, she was helping a wrongly ticketed red light runner clear her name. At that time, we noted the moral of the story was to call local media if you received a ticket in error, because MayorWhiteChiefHurtt are not interested in helping red light camera victims.

Well, Ask Amy is at it again, cutting through HPD’s uninterested bureaucracy, helping a red light camera victim:

After months of calls to the city’s red-light program division, she’s asking Amy to help clear her name. KPRC Local 2 Investigative reporter Amy Davis has yet another case of a driver getting the red-light runaround.

Christina Tyler tried to solve this problem herself. She said she spent four months making calls, filling out paperwork and faxing it in.
When none of that worked, she called Amy.

The camera flashed at the corner of the Sam Houston Parkway and Bellaire Boulevard and Christina Tyler got the ticket.
There’s the first problem.

“It was a picture of a vehicle I used to have,” Tyler explained. “I haven’t had it in over five years.”

When Tyler last saw her Toyota Echo in 2004, it was smashed up from a car accident. She said the other driver’s insurance company told her it couldn’t be repaired.

But five years later it’s back on the road, apparently running red lights, and doing it all with Christina Tyler’s maiden name still on the title.

“It’s not fair that someone’s driving around with my identity for five years for crying out loud,” Tyler told Local 2 Investigates. “I just don’t think that’s right.”

Tyler called the city’s red-light camera program and tracked down every document they asked for

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