Quanell strikes back

Image credit: Pixabay

Episode I:
First he gets slapped with a lawsuit for defamation.

Episode II:
Then he makes a big production portraying himself as the victim of a big brother attempt to silence his dissenting voice.

Episode III:
Quanell is filing a lawsuit against the three HPD officers suing him. He is claiming that their lawsuit is violating his civil rights. In other words, Quanell is doing what he accused the officers of doing. He is trying to stifle any criticism of him now, and possibly in the future, again lending credibility to the mentality that public servants have neither rights nor voice.

To be clear here, I am not saying that public servants should never be questioned. What I am saying is that the usual critics should also be questioned, especially when they are shown to be wrong. If a critic is going to jump in front of a camera, then that critic shouldn’t get his feelings hurt when someone criticizes him.

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