Does Mayor Bill White hate puppies? (cont'd)

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Houston Press reporter Craig Malisow reports the disturbing news that a puppy was “washed down” a drain and killed last week thanks to the latest example of negligence/incompetence at BARC. BARC spokeswoman Kathy Barton told him that the employee who effectively caused the poor puppy’s death has been suspended for a week, and 68 puppies have been transferred to the Houston Humane Society so their cages can be reconfigured.

Malisow concludes:

Hair Balls isn’t exactly sure why it took the idiotic death of a puppy to make the cages puppy-safe. It sort of begs the question, “What in God’s name has the Incident Command Team been doing for the last ten months, or however long it is they’ve been commanding incidents?”

But now that the city is planning on throwing $208,000 at the problem, via “change agent” Gerry Fusco, we can only hope that no more puppies have to be sucked down a drain anytime soon.

The latest incident begs one more question: Does Mayor White hate puppies?

Because fixing the problems at BARC sure hasn’t been a priority for him.


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