METRO goes on high alert for anti-rail protesters

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Last week, METRO threw itself a big party at Union Station to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Southeast and North Corridors. We hear METRO feared anti-rail protesters would crash the party, so METRO flew into action: There was a special area set aside for protesters, there were bomb-sniffing dogs scouring the premises, there were plans to confiscate banners that might be brought in to disrupt the festivities, etc, etc.

We also hear the massive hordes of violent anti-rail protesters failed to materialize.

We are sure Chief Lambert appreciated an opportunity to deploy his elite counterterror unit, including his sharpshooters, bomb-sniffing dogs, and bomb robot. It’s unclear what role METRO’s Boat Rescue Squad played, but maybe they provided security for Frank Wilson on his taxpayer-subsidized commute to and from work. You know, to protect him from all those violent anti-rail protesters.

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