MayorWhiteLilianaRambo’s valet company revenue stream

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Liliana Rambo issues permits to valet companies and says the city has never received a complaint against Courtesy Parking Service, the valet company responsible for parking Zambas’ car. Rambo said, “We have 29 valet companies that have a permit.”

Rambo says valet companies seeking permits must fill out an application- and provide a background check and fingerprints for each of its runners. Runners must have a valid Texas driver’s license and insurance of half a million dollars. The company must also pay a $1,000 fee to apply. While companies are required to renew annually, updating their work sites and employee turnover, that may not always be the case.

“It would very hard to try to police every single valet operator with the amount of people and the amount of valet that happens,” Rambo said.

So what purpose does regulating valet companies serve, other than to provide revenue for the city?


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