Too bad Feibel won’t be around to “report” the METRO/CTC spin

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MICHAEL REED follows up his earlier reporting on METRO’s coming light-rail mobility mess on Post Oak.

Remember after Reed’s earlier reporting when METRO’s army of PR spinners assured that the organization was working closely with businessowners along the high-end commercial strip? They seem to have missed a pretty prominent one:

“Nobody said anything to me,” said Jim McMcIngvale, whose Gallery Furniture location at 2411 Post Oak, opened in March. “It sounds like another mess.”

Yes it does, despite the best efforts of METRO’s army of PR spinners and even a bogus METRO-generated traffic study (the predictions of no impact on traffic in the already congested strip simply are not believable, and are even more reason for Mayor-elect Parker to take Tory Gattis’s advice and audit every aspect of METRO operations).

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