TW: Woodlands-area activists user voter registration quirk to turn out utility board

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LAST WEEK, Texas Watchdog‘s Steve Miller reported on some Woodlands-area activists who decided to claim the address of a local Residence Inn for voting purposes, in an effort to turn out the incumbents on a local road utility board. As Miller noted, some folks used to business as usual (the last election was held a decade ago) didn’t seem to like the activists’ efforts to “register” voters and force an election:

Page, the attorney for the district, remains baffled by the new voters and their apparent anti-tax fervor.

“Some people think that because the word tax is involved, they should have some say over it, even though they aren’t paying that tax,” Page said.

That “nothing to see here, don’t you worry” attitude from public organizations is always so endearing!

Miller follows up today with the news that the activists succeeded in voting out the incumbents over the weekend.

The incumbents, presumably, are not happy, and legal proceedings to contest the result seem likely.

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