Where are the editors? (updated)

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IT’S just another Friday at a newspaper without enough editors:

Chron Blunder 1 - 2010-09-24

Hosuton Chronicle? Ummm…

This is good too (from the FRONT PAGE of the little print edition):

Chron Blunder 2 - 20100924

We think the right verb is “elicit” (hat tip to Slampo for the catch).

Meanwhile, the newspaper’s erratic features editor wonders if readers have seen “any language grotesqueries lately.” Gotta love that.

UPDATE: It was even worse than we thought on Friday!

Cory Crow notes that the newspaper’s editorial board apparently can’t even read a candidate bio and incorporate the information into an endorsement accurately.

And a correction to a candidate profile that appeared Friday reads as follows:

A story on page B1 of Friday’s City & State section incorrectly identified Harris County District Clerk Loren Jackson’s undergraduate alma mater. He attended Texas A&M University.

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