Billy Burge: Hurry up with Grand Parkway construction…

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… because Exxon Mobil is counting on it.

That take is according to the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg, and it sounds like vintage Billy Burge:

This time, impetus for urgency appears to be Exxon Mobil. At a transportation commission meeting last month, Grand Parkway President William “Billy” Burge urged commissioners to hasten their approval in the project because Exxon planned in a couple of years to relocate its North American headquarters to a tract that falls within Segment F-2 of the parkway, between Texas 249 and I-45.
Path to more jobs?

Barton told me Monday that the parkway could help attract and retain 15,000 jobs, including some from Virginia.

Emphasis added.

What else can we try to ram down unwilling taxpayers’ and residents’ throats with the excuse that it “could help attract” [enter big corporation name]. If a company is considering moving here, is the make or break really whether or not wide swaths of the greater Houston area are bulldozed to build the Grand Parkway?

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