It depends on your definition of “visual blight”

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A southeast Houston neighborhood has complained to the city about a gigantic pile of trash in front of one property. Apparently fed up with the city’s lack of interest, residents called KTRK-13 for some help, and when Jessica Willey called to inquire, the city couldn’t get an inspector out there fast enough (in his cute little city “green” car, of course):

Not even an hour after we called the city, an inspector was on-site taking pictures and posting a citation notice.

“The city not going to pick all that up because it’s more than what’s supposed to be out there,” said city inspector Emmett Walker.

Oh. Okay.

But that $200 fine will surely get the property owner’s attention!

You know how residents could have gotten the city interested sooner? If they had put a giant, inflatable gorilla on top of the trash pile.

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