METRO’s (rail construction) dysfunction turns out to be of some benefit

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Metro roars past DART in transit-access rankings – Bill King, Houston Chronicle

On the balance-sheet side of things, DART has run up $3.5 billion in debts compared to Metro, which has a little more than $1 billion. Of course, Metro is planning on substantially exceeding DART’s debt if it ever builds the LRT and will only have a fraction of the track DART has. Fortunately for Houston taxpayers and transit riders, that appears to be an increasingly unlikely scenario.

The True Believers continue to insist that by 2020 or so, we might have a variant of the flawed system voters narrowly approved in 2003, even though budget realities make it increasingly unlikely (as King notes).

Speaking of which:

Metro's 2011 "public workshops" and the 2003 Metro referendum – Fireballs, Lightning Bolts and Hell Storms

Since the November 2003 election Metro has blown through some $700 million in local and federal tax dollars, but has only “just started work” on three rail lines, according to Ms. Slaughter. But hey, guess what? Metro now feels the need to go out into the community and – get this – get their opinion!

It’s quite the approach to “customer” service!

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