City of Houston commits $20M+ to Harrisburg toy train underpass

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Houston commits $20.6 million to Harrisburg light-rail underpass –

Of the $20.6 million in financial assistance being offered by the city:

$10.0 million — CIP funds previously committed to this issue

$4.9 million — Postponement of the Fulton Paving and Drainage Project (District. H)

$3.2 million — Postponement of the Telephone Road Reconstruction (District I)

$2.5 million — Harrisburg TIRZ funds

Well, it’s always good to know that in tough budget times, the City of Houston can find a few million bucks to divert to METRO.

We’re sure folks who are having their neighborhood capital improvement projects postponed because of this diversion will be delighted to be helping out the few hundred riders per day who may use the line.

When it’s not raining, of course. Electric trams and rain aren’t a good mix for a Houston underpass.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michael Berry for the radio shout out earlier, and for calling his audience’s attention to METRO’s latest.

BLOGVERSATION: Harris County Almanac.

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