Houston Press: The Red Light Camera Circus

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The Houston Press has one of its in-depth articles on the Red Light Camera Circus. The entire article is well worth reading, but here’s a tasty snippet:

Finally, on August 24, the issue reached a breaking point. Rumors of abysmal mayoral polls floated from politico to politico; some claimed they heard Parker’s support was in the 20 percents. It was no longer about safety or even revenue. Rather, it became political. Nearly all city council members sprinted over to the side long held by council woman Jones: The cameras had to go. Finally, Parker brought to the council a vote to repeal the ordinance allowing red-light cameras — a vote that would mean the end of red-light cameras in Houston forever. All but council woman Sue Lovell voted to bring them down. Parker, with a little help from her friends on city council, changed sides for the last time. She ordered the cameras off, three months before Election Day.

Like any good pol, Mayor Parker isn’t immune to the will of the voters:

Kubosh and his brother, Randy Kubosh, asked to hear where each council member stood on the issue. “If the council members are silent and won’t say whether they’re for or against, I recommend we vote against every elected official who’s running next November,” said Randy Kubosh, to a loud standing ovation quickly silenced by the mayor.

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