God complex: METRO Playwright in Chief vows personally to “move people”

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Smart Transit…Maybe Even a Yak – Write on METRO

Smart service also looks at the entire trip – not just time on a vehicle. That means good sidewalks that offer access to bus stops, and shelters at those stops. Greanias says he tell his staff to be “mode agnostic.”

“I do not care what we use to move you. There will be cases when a 40-foot bus will be exactly right. There will be areas when…light-rail would be appropriate. It may be a trolley or a tram,” said [METRO CEO and Playwright in Chief George] Greanias, roaming between luncheon tables as he spoke with sleeves rolled up. “METRO is oriented to do whatever works. Whether it’s a bus, a train, a taxicab or God forbid, a yak, I will move people across this town.”

The talk about buses and shelters and such sounds great, aside from the fact that a transit organization bankrupted by an expensive light-rail buildout (to benefit relatively few users) can’t afford to take care of the rest of the transit system (hence the ongoing decline in overall system utilization, even as our population grows). Unfortunately, New METRO’s “mode agnostic” rhetoric doesn’t really match Same Old METRO’s behavior.

As an aside, the reference to yaks is just creepy coming from the deviant who views adolescent gay porn using METRO resources.

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