Sheriff Garcia whines to Chron about funding; Bloggers offer different perspective

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30,000 warrants caught in backlog at Sheriff’s Office – Anita Hassan, Houston Chronicle

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia attributes the backlog to a lack of staff, funding and a county hiring freeze that not only prevents him from hiring new employees, but also from replacing any who leave.

This guy CONSTANTLY seems to be whining about a lack of funding.

Here’s a slightly different perspective on the whining:

This Is What Democrat “Competence” Looks Like At the Harris County Sheriff’s Office – Rhymes with Right

But wait, [Sheriff Adrian Garcia] is the guy who got around the hiring freeze to add multiple Democrat political hacks to his payroll after the 2010 election turned one out of office and cost the others their jobs when a Republican won a supposedly safe Democrat seat on the Harris County Commissioners Court. Add to that the fact that Garcia couldn’t find any fat to cut in his budget and in fact had no staff furloughed or laid off under the 2011 budget and had a budget increase. Besides — the hiring freeze was lifted in April AND Sheriff Garcia got more hiring authorized last month.

Maybe Adrian Garcia can put his political hires, such as former Harris County District Clerk Loren Jackson and former Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia’s former staffers, to wok entering warrants in order to justify their inflated salaries.

And here’s a bit of media criticism:

The job you’re hired to do – Harris County Almanac

While the piece offers zero feedback from anyone other than the HCSO spin-doctors (Garcia himself), [Rhymes with Right] provides some much needed context and a little history lesson in Garcia’s hiring practices.

Balanced, professional journalism is hard.

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