McGuff: Parker Administration campaigns for KPRC reporter

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Houston City Hall campaigns for KPRC 2’s Mary Benton – Mike McGuff

Tweets started going out from Houston City Hall staffers Wednesday morning promoting a new campaign. This was not a campaign about getting out the vote for Saturday’s runoff elections or a new city council proposal, it was to get some TV coverage:

jessicamichan Jessica Michan
Starting a #Twitter campaign for @KPRCLocal2 to send @MaryBenton to cover City Hall. We need her here! She gets it!! #Mary2CityHall

This is just the latest amateur move from the Parker Administration, which shouldn’t be naming reporters they’d like to come cover them. However innocuous it seems, it looks bad (like the Parker Administration is playing favorites) and puts the reporter in a tough spot (to avoid the appearance of being a City Hall fav, the reporter might well feel the need to be more critical than is warranted).

Mayor Annise Parker is working on her second decade of elected service in Houston municipal government. Given her experience, it’s really surprising that her mayoral administration so regularly stumbles and bumbles like it does.

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