Ready-fire-aim: Houston ready to regulate auto repair shops

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Houston is poised to enact a new revenue stream which will regulate automotive repair shops:

The Houston City Council is scheduled to consider a proposed ordinance to regulate the automotive repair and collision industry at an upcoming city council meeting. The Automotive Service Association (ASA) contacted the mayor and council members asking that they address a number of concerns with the proposed ordinance.

Although the proposed ordinance has gone through multiple revisions, ASA is concerned that there are still significant issues with the ordinance.

No! Significant issues with a Houston ordinance? Unheard of!

A December op-ed by the past president of the Houston Automotive Service Association has more specifics, and includes this gem:

The ordinance includes pages and pages that regulate how records will be kept, how repair shops may gain approvals from customers and establishes fines for sometimes honest mistakes that must be paid to the city.

Wouldn’t want that fine to go to the customer who was actually involved in the transaction, now would we?

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