SLOW blogging ahead for a while…

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We’re putting the blog in official slowdown mode for a little while.

There’s nothing “bad” going on. But we’ve been doing the blog pretty much continuously for quite a few years now, and Anne Linehan and I are both just kind of wrapped up in other things this spring. So posting is likely to be slow, maybe even nonexistent, into summer. This will give us a chance to recharge a bit, maybe recruit some new contributors (email me if interested: klw2005-at-gmail-dot-com), and definitely get the site moved on to WordPress for when we’re ready to crank up the posting again.

In the meantime, you may see a bit of activity from me on twitter. Or who knows, you might actually see one of us having a glass of wine or taking in a ballgame or some such real-life activity (crazy, huh?!). Thanks as always to those who read and participate — that’s always made it fun!

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