Links for 21 December 2018: Media edition

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Today around the web, we catch up on a few media observations that didn’t make the cut for the last weekend brunch.

  • [M1] The Houston Chronicle has added a new voice to the stable of lefties on the editorial board. During the national and local mourning that followed the death of former president George Bush, neither he nor the editorial page editor could resist a parting shot at an honorable man (because apparently, in this writer’s view, the late president hated the gays, or something; and because this is what the Houston Chronicle editorial page is).
  • [M2] In contrast, here is a much different perspective from Dan Henninger on a stellar editorial page.
  • [M3] In a revealing tweet, the Chronicle editorial page editor assigned blame to Texas AG Ken Paxton for a federal judge’s decision that could imperil Obamacare. In contrast, local law professor and Obamacare expert Josh Blackman offered a multi-tweet insta-analysis of the decision. Strangely, the Chron‘s straight news coverage of the decision did not feature Professor Blackman or his informed analysis.
  • [M4] In another revealing tweet, the Chronicle‘s immigration reporter decided to argue with President Trump. Not the greatest look for a reporter.
  • [M5] Meanwhile, in the nation’s third-largest city, the country’s best Metro columnist helped a little guy win one against a longtime Chicago political boss who tried to railroad the kid. Kass has never managed to win a Pulitzer (or to have one gifted to him by Jim Newkirk), but wouldn’t it be great to have a columnist like this in Houston?
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