Welcome (back) to the redesigned site

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Welcome (back) to the redesigned blogHOUSTON website.

We’ve been looking forward to resuming somewhat more frequent posting here for a while, but first we thought the website needed a freshening. As with all such things, it took a little longer than expected. But we think it will serve our needs for a while.

Beyond the visual freshening and better organization of content, there are a couple of substantive changes of note:

  • The first big change is the return of a forum-style system for comments. Longtime readers will recall that the first version of blogHOUSTON used a forum for comments. While we had some really engaging discussions, the integration was clunky, and we abandoned that setup when we moved to WordPress. However, we think the Vanilla comment integration with WordPress is much better than native WordPress comments, so we’ve adopted it. Also, we’ve pulled in the content from the old forum, including usernames/passwords. If you were registered here before, you should be able to use your old login info.
  • Second, we’ve added a new update alert service via MailPoet. We haven’t tested it extensively (so please be patient if it doesn’t behave quite as expected at first). If you used our old Google Feedburner alert service, please sign up for this one, as we will discontinue the Google service at some point in the future (or more likely, Google will).

It’s hard to do robust testing without truly being live, so there may still be a few things that aren’t working right just yet. If you see anything that looks not quite right, please send me a note ([email protected]) or leave a comment.

Also, blogHOUSTON is looking for additional contributors. If you’d like us to consider a submission, please email me. We’re open to adding some new perspectives to the site.

Thanks for reading!

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